Partly Cloudy. No Percipitation

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Partly Cloudy. No Percipitation, cover
  • Alexey Sysoev – prepared piano, snare drum, objects,
  • Alexander Chernyshkov – feedbacks, voice, trumpet, objects,
  • Marina Poleukhina – guitar, objects, voice.
About the record

The recording documents the performance of the trio at the Theater «Masterskaya» on December 23, 2014, as part of the Festival of Modern Academic Music «Lost in Translation». The sound of water and the laughter of the public are not pre-composition elements of improvisation.

Mastering — Alexey Sysoev.


Review by Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG

Featuring Marina Poleukhina — guitar, objects, voice, Alexey Sysoev — prepared piano, snare drum, objects and Alexander Chernyshkov — feedback, voice, trumpet, objects.

I reviewed a CD from Alexey Sysoev yesterday (9/16/15), Russian composer & musician who plays prepared piano and organized a fine nine piece miminalist ensemble for his recent effort called «Wallpapers 3.1.6». I am not familiar with the other members of this trio but I did find that Mr. Sysoev's other disc was exquisitely realized. This trio is also restrained, spacious, coming from a more minimal aesthetic. Much of the music here involves squeaky sounds, bent or bowed percussion or objects, eerie feedback and inside the piano explorations. The music sounds live and is well-captured. It is difficult to tell what instruments are being played at times. The use of toy piano or other toys gives this a child-like innocent vibe in part. There is a peaceful calm at the center of this which makes it easier to deal with than some of the more robust or difficult sounds I often encounter with other avant/new music discs.

Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG, original