list of compositions: 2006: Ja-ja Secrets 2007: He Phone / Inventio I Macrophonia 2008: Beta Taurids Calypso / Inventio II Pla-tone 2009: Antiphases Marsyas Mit Dem Paukenwirbel... Over Moons Sirenes 2010: Case Studies Theory of Mechanisms and Machines / Inventio III 2011: Fingerprints/Inventio IV Histoire du Soldat Plenilune Full Moon 2012: Consistent Contradictions Manuals in (13*2+1) tutorials Melancholia Selene Zaum 2013: Angels In The Interior Col Pugno Kolyadka Plankton Songs Quiet Hour Selenology Wallpapers 2 2014: Dancing Queen Dichterliebe. Zu den Favoriten Hinzufugen One Thousand and One Bars Present Continuous Sverliytsy Tihotvorenie Wallpapers 3 Wallpapers 4 2015: Gaps Instead of Eternity Rudimenti Shhh... Songs Without Tears Some Stories Or Lack Thereof:
1.The Insulted and Humiliated
Some Stories Or Lack Thereof:
2.Will Be Closed
Terribly to Me, Friend Wallpapers 6 2016: Labyrinths. Wandering Prosodies Pie Jesu Present Perfect Some Stories Or Lack Thereof:
Some Stories Or Lack Thereof:
Wallpapers 8 Wallpapers 9 (Travelers) 2017: Present Indefinite Some Stories Or Lack Thereof:
"SOS" (The Song of Songs) Wallpapers 10 (Counterclockwisers) X-Ray Picture Of The Rain 2018: Mass Mon aimée, ma belle Irène 2019: Two poems by Kelly Grovier 2020: Don't Whistle, Masha! Marginalis Weather Report 2021: Nothing Personal. Just Melody Seven Songs on Poems by Ezra Pound Variations & Applause 2022: My Gardens Propertius (obscene elegies) Spheres Thousand Winters 2023: Notturno Sirotinochka 2024: Liebestod


For 9 musicians.


Suite for flute, guitar, piano and percussions.

He Phone / Inventio I

For voice and ensemble.


For flute, clarinet (bass clarinet), electric guitar, bass guitar and live-electronics.

Beta Taurids

For ensemble.

Calypso / Inventio II

For oboe and chamber ensemble.


For 3 female voices and big ensemble.


For piano solo.


For a flute solo.

Mit Dem Paukenwirbel...

For three percussionists.

Over Moons

For big ensemble, female voice and live-electronics.


For ensemble.

Case Studies

For two musicians, six motors and live-electronics.

Theory of Mechanisms and Machines / Inventio III

For a piano, percussions and electronics.

Fingerprints / Inventio IV

For clarinet and ensemble.

Full Moon

Scenic oratorio for mezzo-soprano, chorus and symphonic orchestra.

Histoire du Soldat

For four percussionists and electronics.


For clarinet, violoncello and improvising musicians.

watch video Kazan, 2012
watch video Moscow, 2012

Consistent Contradictions

For saxophone quartet.

Manuals in (13*2+1) tutorials

For six musicians and electronics.


For string quartet.


For piano solo.


For four percussionists and electronics.

Angels In The Interior

For ensemble.

Col Pugno

For ensemble, step motors and sirens.


For soprano and ensemble.

Plankton Songs

For big ensemble.

Quiet Hour

For piano, violin, viola and violoncello.


For two pianos.

Wallpapers 2

For twelve performers.

Dancing Queen

For four musicians, dancer, sixteen electromechanical relays, four step motors, light and video.

Dichterliebe. Zu den Favoriten Hinzufugen

For female voice and big ensemble.

One Thousand and One Bars

For five percussionists and improvising musicians.

Present Continuous

For three musicians, tracks, sinusoids and eight electromechanical relays.


Fragment of the collective opera for five soloists, chorus and ensemble.


For piano.

Wallpapers 3

For three or four and more performers.

listen MP3 Wallpapers 3.1.6
listen MP3 Wallpapers 3.1.8
listen MP3 Wallpapers 3.1.10
listen MP3 Wallpapers 3.1.11
watch video Wallpapers 3.1.14
watch video Wallpapers 3.1.18
listen MP3 watch video Wallpapers 3.2.4
listen MP3 Wallpapers 3.2.6
listen MP3 Wallpapers 3.2.7
watch video Wallpapers 3.2.8
listen MP3 Wallpapers 3.2.9
listen MP3 Wallpapers 3.2.12
listen MP3 watch video Wallpapers 3.2.15
listen MP3 Wallpapers 3.2.16
watch video Wallpapers 3.2.23
watch video Wallpapers 3.2.27
watch video Wallpapers 3.2.28
watch video Wallpapers 3.2.29
watch video Wallpapers 3.2.31
watch video Wallpapers 3.2.33
watch video Wallpapers 3.2.35
listen MP3 Wallpapers 3.3.2
watch video Wallpapers_Dance
watch video Wallpapers_poetry
watch video Wallpapers "Spaces of Feeling" v1
watch video Wallpapers_3_duo_1
listen MP3 Wallpapers_3_duo_2
listen MP3 Wallpapers_3_duo_3
watch video Wallpapers_3_duo_4
watch video Wallpapers_3_duo_5
watch video Wallpapers_3_duo_6
watch video Wallpapers_3_duo_8

Wallpapers 4

For eight and more performers in open space.

Gaps Instead of Eternity

For piano.


For the percussionist solo.


Concerto for piano and two instrumental groups.

listen MP3 17.09.2015
watch video 17.09.2015
watch video 12.06.2018

Songs Without Tears

For three female voices and two instrumental groups.

Some Stories Or Lack Thereof:
1. The Insulted and Humiliated

For twelve playing and singing performers. By texts of the offended citizens.

Some Stories Or Lack Thereof:
2. Will Be Closed

For ten angered men. By Andrey Cherkasov's text "Choice Of Language".

Terribly to me, friend

For voice and chamber ensemble. On Stanislav Lvovsky's verses.

Wallpapers 6

For eight and more Mongolian children in a settlement.

Labyrinths. Wandering Prosodies

For violin, violoncello, piano and percussion.

Pie Jesu

For choir and viola.

Present Perfect

For viola and piano.

Some Stories Or Lack Thereof:
3. Agon

For eight plaing and singing performers, electronics and lamps. Based on Victor Pivovarov's text and texts found in the Internet.

Some Stories Or Lack Thereof:
4. Ready-written

For voice and ensemble. By Pavel Arsenev's text.

Wallpapers 8

For piano, violin, viola and cello.

watch video Wallpapers 8.1.3

Wallpapers 9 (Travelers)

For piano (7 or 14 hands).

watch video Wallpapers 9.1
watch video Wallpapers 9.2
watch video Wallpapers 9(3-4)
watch video Wallpapers 9.5

Present Indefinite

For piano and percussion.

Some Stories Or Lack Thereof:
5. LOV

For 8 singing and playing performers to text by Ekaterina Sokolova.

listen MP3 24.01.2018
watch video 11.03.2021

SOS (The Song of Songs)

For 2 narrators, 2 choirs, percussions and electronic track to texts by "The Song Of Songs", Pliny the Younger and Vera Martynov.

Wallpapers 10 (Counterclockwisers)

For prepared piano with step motors, buzzers, solenoids and 4-8 performers.

cover watch video Wallpapers 10

X-Ray Picture Of The Rain

For voice and piano (or tapper) to text by Andrei Sen-Senkov.


For unaccompanied choir.

Mon aimée, ma belle Irène

For male voice and chamber ensemble by text from "The diary and letters from the prison" Boris Vilde.

Two poems by Kelly Grovier

For soprano, flute, piano and four smartphones.

Don't Whistle, Masha!

For dancer, two narrators, four musicians, sixteen electromechanical relays, four step motors, tape, light and video to text by Anton Chekhov.


For two pianos.

Weather Report

For soprano, flute, clarinet (B or A), piano to poetry found by Andrey Cherkasov.

Nothing Personal. Just Melody

For soprano (or sopranino) saxophone, electric guitar, violoncello and tape (to SEV ensemble).

Seven Songs on Poems by Ezra Pound

For vocal quartet (to N'Caged ensemble).

Variations & Applause

For symphony orchestra.

My Gardens

For violoncello, tape, light and video.

Propertius (obscene elegies)

Ballet music for 6 readers, string orchestra, synthesizer, 3 percussionists and an electronic track.


Concerto for piano, vibraphone and symphony orchestra.

Thousand Winters

For piano and ensemble.


For piano and metronome.


For soprano, chamber ensemble and electronics.


For soprano, ensemble and tape.