Ilia Belorukov & Lauri Hyvärinen / Alexey Sysoev & Denis Sorokin

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Ilia Belorukov & Lauri Hyvärinen / Alexey Sysoev & Denis Sorokin, cover
  • Alexey Sysoev — no-input mixer, maxMSP,
  • Denis Sorokin — pickup, electronics, objects.
  • Spina!Rec
About the record

Spina!rec is exited to announce the split tape of the debut duo records from Ilia Belorukov (Saint-Petersburg) with Lauri Hyvärinen (Helsinki) and Alexey Sysoev (Moscow) with Denis Sorokin (Saint-Petersburg). Russian-Finnish duo has long worked as a creative unit dedicated to acoustic improv with the involvement of small electronic devices. Moscow-Petersburg collaboration was delineated for the first time during the Teni Zvuka 2014 festival, where the written track was presented. In their arsenal they have laptop with maxMSP, no-input mixer, guitar pickup, tv-remotes and different objects.

Recorded at Teni Zvuka 2014 Festival, Saint-Petersburg on .


Review by Ed Pinsen

One side two of this split Alexey Sysoev and Denis Sorokin provide the “electronic” half of the act, using amplified objects, the no-input mixing desk, electronics, and manipulation of signals using MaxMSP. Their tracks were recorded at the Teni Zvuka Festival in St Petersburg in June 2014. I’ve rarely heard such tentative and incompetent fumbling…the results are shabby, disorganised, and virtually unlistenable, but at least the sound they make is repulsive in an original way. My guess is these guys have some serious “issues” they want to work out of their system, using incoherent electronic noise as therapy for their fractured minds. I’m hoping to develop more of a taste for this one over time.

Ed Pinsen, original