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Marsyas, cover
"Sound Review" about "Marsyas"

The piece Marsyas was written for the flutist Marina Rubinstein in 2010 and premiered the same year at the Other Space festival. The work is notable for its technical complexity, which is multiplied by the use of modern performing techniques.

“The traditional technique of playing the flute is broken down here into the simplest components (articulation, breathing, finger movements), which do not coincide with each other,” the composer explains. “Hence the recording on two or even three systems. This can be called the main technical idea of the piece. It feels like the musician has to learn to play the instrument for the first time. Later, while working on my Ph.D. thesis, I found similar techniques in the music of the English improvisational saxophonist Evan Parker and called it ‘multi-technique’ (layering the traditional techniques into basic components and overlapping them)”.