Universal Vitamin

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Universal Vitamin, cover
Universal Vitamin, cover
Universal Vitamin, CD
Universal Vitamin, cover
Universal Vitamin, cover
  • Alexey Sysoev,
  • Vladimir Gorlinsky,
  • Christian Müller.
  • Creative Sources
Review by Squidco

An extended improvisation for acoustic instrumentation and voice using unusual and extended techniques, from the Russian trio of Alexey Sysoev on piano, Vladimir Gorlinsky on guitar & voice, and Christian Müller on clarinet, recorded at the Cultural Centre DOM in Moscow in 2019, cycling patiently from quietly expressive sections to chamber-oriented brightly active moments. Müller is perhaps the most known to the Squidco catalog, as a member of Strom with Gaudenz Badrutt, and in duo with Kobi Christian. Alexey Sysoev is active in both improvisation and compositional fields, including electroacoustic work, and has performed with Vladimir Tarasov (Lithuania), Sachiko M (Japan), Toshimaru Nakamura (Japan), Boris Baltschun and "The Pitch Quartet", Burkhard Beins, Andrea Neumann, Boris Baltschun, Liz Allbee (Germany) etc. Guitarist Gorlinsky is active in a variety of Moscow performance settings, and is active as a composer concerned with spatial compositions and sound installations. In this setting his voice works mostly in the background, providing harmonic support to the instrumentation, occasionally asserting himself.

This performance is varied as it flows naturally from section to section, logically following a common path. There is a positive attitude, a playful whimsy among the three that does not detract from the intelligence of their playing. And while not placing itself in the electroacoustic realm, Müller interactions and the use of mic placement often add an air of controlled ambient feedback to the proceedings.