Prodlёnka_8mm — audio-visual performance as part of the installation Moscow. Composition for Rooms

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  • Alexey Sysoev – digital electronics, no-input mixing board,
  • Vladimir Gorlinsky – guitar, electronics, voice, objects,
  • Ekaterina Khmelevskaya – electronics, voice, objects,
  • Dmitry Ovchinnikov – 8mm film projector, two-handed saw, objects,
  • Elena Fedorova – 8mm film projector, objects.
  • Moscow, live at the Ground Solyanka Gallery,
list of impro: 2012: March 31, 2012 2014: Alexey Sysoev & Denis Sorokin 2015: Cloudy Freitag Impersonal Constraction I Impersonal Constraction II Robert Schumann Speak Like a Child The Immigrant 2016: Impersonal Constraction III NIKA Prodlёnka 1: quadrophilia Prodlёnka_8mm Set by Set Situation#3 This Side Wallpapers 7 Wallpapers_electro_live Wallpapers_ostinato_I 2017: Alexey Sysoev, Ilia Belorukov Neopoznannoe Dvizhenie Secret Variations Snow Sysoev_Ponomarev_Lapshin Wallpapers_techno Zina 2018: GOMASY in Berlin GOSY in Berlin Lines and waves MOTO from Varietas (Intonema) Varietas_live Varietas_live at CC DOM 2019: Alexey Sysoev / Dmitry Shubin – Museum Of Sound, 09/V-2019 Live At Powerhouse Shimmering. Day 2 Situation#4 Sysoev_Gorlinsky_Müller RICHTER FEST 2019 Sysoev, Burtsev, Zvezdina, Samolovov Sysoev, Samolovov, Sorokin, 24.03.2019 Sysoev, Samolovov, Sorokin, 09.05.2019 2020: Alexey Sysoev / Dmitry Shubin Visokosniy Jazz 2021: Alexey Sysoev & Pustocvet ensemble DUBDUBYCH, 22.05.2021 DUBDUBYCH, 22.06.2021 Planes-live Variki 2022: Nocturnes Ognivo Wallpapers_ostinato_II 2023: Alexey Sysoev, Ignat Khlobystin Alexey Sysoev, Sofia Skobeleva Alexey Sysoev, Marina Poleukhina, Vladimir Gorlinsky Prodlёnka_8mm Sysoev-Luchansky-Skobeleva 2024: Alexey Sysoev, Sofia Skobeleva, Sergey Shestakov